Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Being a sister is great

I've decided that I can handle this "big sister" thing. It's like Christmas everyday for me. When baby brother Zaden was born he got me a basket with lots of fun things to keep me busy while mommy and Joe are busy taking care of him. I honestly couldn't figure out how it came out of mommy's tummy with him, so Joe explained to me that baby brother Zaden talked to him through mommy's belly one night and told him the things to go get me. He knows me pretty well. He got me princess art books, stickers, and markers, bath time crayons, a cute pink outfit and bow, and some princess dolls, he also made a request that Cindee make me a blanket like his because I'd taken claim of the one she made him and he'd like it when he was born so she made me a pretty pink polka dot blankie and mommy made me one with farm animals. It was such a fun time. Then Aunt Natalie got me yummy teddy graham crackers, a notebook, and smelly markers. I'm having fun with those, I love the notebook because I like to write letters and do "homework". Then when Aunt Tonya brought some dinner for our family she had a present for me and baby Zaden. I got the coolest Snow White doll (and she'd already given me a book that I love to read every day) with clothes and shoes to change, baby brother Zaden got a soft blankie. Gramma has spent lots of time with me and we had so much fun the other day when she took me to the mall to play on the playground and ride some rides. She's the best.
Baby Zaden's gramma Cheryl and papa Joe are visiting us. They brought me so many toys...a doggy, a snow globe ball (it's actually a bouncy ball thingy) and some lip gloss. They got me pegged pretty well, I love them. Aunt Angela gave me a Curious George doll that does somersaults, he's pretty fun.
All in all...I'm gonna miss this when the newness of baby Zaden wears off. Oh-well I guess, by then it'll be Christmas time.


Dawn said...

You are pretty special being a big sister and everyone loves you a ton!

Shari said...

Sounds like she is loving being a big sister! Wait till she starts asking for another sibling! hee, hee! Glad to hear it is going well for you Ivy big changes for a very special princess!