Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Isn't Christmas great?! I had so much fun this year. We got to celebrate a day early this year. Santa said he'd visit us a day early so Joe could be with us since he works on Christmas day. It was awesome. I didn't think that Santa actually came to our house though because I never heard his bells ring in the night. But, you know what he did come, I must've just slept through them.

On Christmas Eve, Mommy and Joe said I could open one present and my Christmas Jammies. I love my jammies. I don't ever want to take them off. In fact, I haven't taken them off except to go to my Abuelos for a fancy night with my Daddy and Martha.

See how cute they are?!

My arrangements for Christmas is that I usually get to spend Christmas Eve with my Daddy and his family and then he takes me home early Christmas morning to be with my mommy. But this year since at mommy's house we celebrated a day early I was able to wake up Christmas morning at Daddy's and stay there and play for a while. It was crazy cuz I woke up to go potty and walked pass the living room and there was all these presents...I had no clue Santa had already came. It was awesome!! I got everything that I asked for and plenty more. I love Christmas. I'm gonna have so much fun playing with everything!
When does Santa come again? Tomorrow?

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