Thursday, February 12, 2009

No more PEAS for ME!:)

So my mommy forced me to eat peas the other night with my dinner. I really don't like peas and have told her this a few times when she makes them.

This is what happened to me:

I guess that'll teach her to force me to eat things when I tell her that I don't like them.

Mommy took these pictures of me so we could always remember this awful moment. When I saw them I started to laugh. Was that really me? O-my goodness I looked so silly! I couldn't believe that's what I really looked like. But I guess it makes sense cuz Mommy and Joe did look really concerned.

So now all I can say is Thank Goodness I don't ever have to eat those nasty things again!


Dawn said...

oh, you sweet little thing. That was sad that you got all swollen. I'm glad it didn't last long. Thank Goodness. When your mommy was little that same thing happened to her with some medicine.

Melissa said...

OH sweet thing!