Thursday, November 27, 2008

Time flies when you're having fun

Wow! We have been so busy in our house, not really doing anything, but keeping busy none the less. I've been learning how to help mom out so much. I've started vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning toilets, and picking up everything from dirty diapers to stacks of newspapers. I've even learned how to do laundry. Mom says if she teaches me young, then I'll hopefully have it mastered much sooner then she can be lazy and just watch me do everything. Right now I think it's great, but maybe someday I'll get tired of being the "slave". But it makes me feel good to help mommy out so much. Plus she usually gets me a treat on the days that I'm such a big helper. The other day Joe got me hotdogs and bananas for helping out so good, I got a pink skirt one day, a sucker and stickers once, and I get lots of hugs and kisses and praise, so it's worth it.
Baby Zaden is growing so much. It's kinda hard for me to hold him now, he wiggles his head so much that mommy gets nervous when I am holding him. He's a little boring to play with right now. He doesn't know how to talk so he won't sing with me. I try to give him toys but he doesn't know how to even hold them very well. Hopefully soon he'll learn some tricks and be more fun to help take care of.
I've been getting better mommy says. I don't really understand what she's talking about, but all I do know is that I am getting in trouble less. But every now and then I do throw a fit and that gets me sent straight to my room. I hate it! Mom threatend to lock me in my room til I could act like a big girl the other day...I quickly reminded her that no she couldn't lock me in there cuz Joe took my door off to paint it. That made her smile at least.
Well, I'm having fun with mom and Zaden. We do a lot of Christmas shopping. Mom always has to remind me before entering the stores though that we are not shopping for me, she can only shop for me when I'm not with her so it'll be a surprise. I do really well. I never ask for anything, but I do enjoy pointing out some things that would be fun to add to my wish list. It's a good thing mom has me to help her pick out things. She's so indecisive, but I always help her choose the right things. I'm pretty good at that.

Here's some things on my wish list for Santa:
Pink Guitar
Pink Scooter
Pink Motorcycle
Pink Tractor
Multiplication cards
Hannah Montana doll, bag, guitar, notebook, jewelry box...anything with Hannah Montana
red purse
High School Musical Bag

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Dawn said...

sounds like things are going well. I think it is great that Ivy is learning do help so much. Love You!