Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with my Daddy and his family. We ate dinner at Tio Carlos'. I had a ton of fun playing with my cousins and friends. I love spending time with them. My daddy dropped me off after all that excitement so that I could go to Sherwood Hills with Mommy and her family on Friday. We always go up there the Friday after Thanksgiving for a fun day at breakfast, bowling, sometimes we go to a movie or shopping. Then we always head back to the Hotel to swim and have dinner and play games.
This year we had family pictures when we got back to the hotel and then it was off to the swimming pool. I had a blast splashing around and swimming in the kiddie pool, I even went in the big pool for a minute with Kimi and Jared, but decided the small pool is better for me.
We had a very fun and exciting Thanksgiving Weekend.

Some things I'm thankful for:
My family
TV & Movies
Baby Brother

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Dawn said...

just wondering where Gramma was on that list?