Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's in a name?

A few weeks ago Mommy was explaining to me that Joe's parents were going to come and visit us. She was trying to help me learn their names. Papa Joe and Gramma Cheryl. Gramma Cheryl would be easy to remember because that's Noah's (my boyfriend from PreSchool) gramma's name. Mom said Papa Joe should be easy to because his full name is Joseph Alan Winkler, same name as Joe's and Zaden's is Zaden Joseph-Alan Winkler. Huh, they all have the same name! I started feeling a little left out. So I explained to mom that I wanted my name to be the same as theirs. Ivy Joseph Alan Winkler Marie Monroy, sounds good don't you think? So that is my new name. Mom and Joe kinda laughed but I was completely serious. I think they've realized that I was serious because I correct them everytime they say my name. It's not Ivy Marie, it's Ivy Joseph Alan Winkler Marie Monroy. Mom said that's how I'll know when I'm in big trouble, when she spits out that full name I'm in for it.

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Dawn said...

I thought that was so funny. Even when I tried to convince her that me, mommy and Ivy all have the same name she wouldn't buy it. SO, I guess she can be who she wants. :)